Spirit Sport Tumbler / Product Sample, Brouchure, Landing Page and Email

  • Spirit Sport - Direct Mail Campaign
  • Spirit Sport - Product Imprint Graphics
  • Spirit Sport - Brochure
  • Spirit Sport - Landing Page
  • Spirit Sport - Email
  • Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver
  • Date: May 2012

Amstedam Printing® used this direct mail campaign to promote the new Spirit Sport tumbler. The mailer included an imprinted product sample and brochure advertising the product. A URL was included on the brochure, directing recipients to a landing page on the company website. The campaign was also promoted via email and directed to the landing page.

The digital illustration I designed to be imprinted on the sample product soon began to be requested for purchase by the company's customers. The graphics are now part of the company's digital library of graphics available to customers.